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The Purpose of Learn Swedish Culture

To assist companies around the world in preparing their employees for relocation or visit to Sweden through lectures by Learn Swedich Culture.

To allow foreigners to feel involved and connected with Swedish culture, and to help them understand the social norms and Swedish codes that would otherwise be impossible for foreigners to decipher.

To train and improve one’s Swedish, and to provide direct feedback with a personal meeting in the form of a Swedish Fika or a Swedish Lunch.

About Learn Swedish Culture

Yvonne Gossner (née Nilsson) grew up in Sweden with a Swedish father and a German mother. Having parents from different backgrounds, Yvonne was inspired to focus on language and cultural exchanges early in life. After completing upper secondary school, Yvonne travelled to Boston, USA, experiencing first-hand the feeling of being a foreigner.

At university, Yvonne studied to become a teacher of languages at Malmö University and Lund University (1997-2002). During her studies, she was involved with exchanges to Scotland, Germany and Australia.

For 15 years, Yvonne has taught Swedish, English and German from lower secondary school to upper secondary school, and has taught at Malmö University with exchange students in Swedish (Swedish Language Culture & Society 1-4).

Today, Yvonne lives in southern Sweden with her husband and two daughters. Many of her foreign friends have now successfully built their lives in Sweden, but at the time lacked the support they needed when trying to understand and integrate into Swedish culture. In response to this, in February 2018, Yvonne successfully began #learnswedishculture on Instagram, and in June 2018 her business by the name Learn Swedish Culture AB was founded.